Nov. 15th - Scorpio - Freelance artist - Chronically ill & disabledSome things I like:
- My OCs
- iDOLM@STER (OG, Cinderella Girls, Million Live)
- Rhythm games (BEMANI games, WACCA, Groove Coaster, Taiko no Tatsujin, etc.)
- A whole lot of music in a whole lot of genres! Prog, classic rock, new wave, the hardcore genre umbrella, etc... I have lists of my favorite artists & albums on my Discogs!
- Collecting figures & vinyl records
- Hololive/Holostars & VTubers in general (holoTEMPUS!! Vesper Noir📗, Magni Dezmond🧤, Kson🍕🖕, Houshou Marine🏴☠️️, Usada Pekora👯, Takanashi Kiara🐔, Hakos Baelz🎲, Haachama❤️🔥, Hyakumantenbara Salome💯🦂, Ironmouse😈, etc.)
- Writing, for my OCs as of now
- Cooking & baking
& a lot more!
Former/Passive interests:
- Hypmic (Matenrou)
- Trigun
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure + my AU
- Lolita fashion/J-fashion in general
I keep profiles, bios, and all art of my OCs on my toyhou.se page! Valentine is my favorite son & is considered my "mascot" for most things.I like tabling at convention Artist Alleys! I currently go around the Bay Area, but am looking to expand to SoCal and other parts of the US (like Boston/Massachusetts, where I'm originally from) eventually.


- I use Clip Studio Paint PRO and an Intuos Pen Small (CTL480) tablet for art.- About my username DEADRKGK— RKGK is an abbreviation for “rakugaki” (楽描き). In Japanese, it translates to doodle or sketch, with its usage usually indicating it was made for personal enjoyment.- I no longer do personal commissions. Please contact me about commissions only for commercial usage!- I do not give out sources/manufacturers or processes for my merchandise.

My art is never to be sold or minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or put on "blockchain" by clients or others even with a commercial license.
My artwork is never to be sold or minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or put on "blockchain". All NFTs containing my artwork or intellectual property (IE original characters) were not made by me and are illegally minted. I do not support the business of NFTs, cryptocurrency, or blockchain.
My art is never to be used to train, validate, or test a neural network (AI). I do not support the business of AI or neural network programs.

All conventions are tentative due to pandemic status & my own health. My website will be updated accordingly.
I do not currently have any plans for vending at conventions in 2023-- status may change.

past conventionsyear/seasonlocation
ANIME DESTINYFall 2019UC Berkeley, CA
ANIME : ROSEVILLE (with LemonyLulu)Summer 2019Roseville, CA
FANIME Silver Island Night Market - 18+Summer 2019San Jose, CA
Mini Art Mart (SF Cherry Blossom Festival)Spring 2019San Francisco, CA
SACANIME SUMMERSummer 2018Sacramento, CA


- Moderator, curator, designer/editor, and artist for multiple fandom-based events such as DJDWeek and DJD Secret Santa (2016-2018)
- Artist for the THEROS Fanzine (2017)- Artist for the international JOJOxDERESUTE Collaboration (2018)- Host, curator, designer/editor, artist, and distributor of the Love Transition Charity Zine (2019)- Artist for the BEMANI Fanzine (2020)- Host, artist, and distributor for a Sticker Donation Drive (2020)- Host, artist, and distributor for a Pride Print Donation Drive (2022)- Creator of the disability-accessible version of the Magni Dezmond Birthday 2022 Project, as well as website designer, artist, and writer- Creator of the disability-accessible version of the Axel Syrios Birthday 2022 Project, and website designer- Lead/manager of the disability-accessible version of the Regis Altare Birthday Project 2023, and artist- Lead/manager of the disability-accessible version of the Vesper Noir Birthday Project 2023, and artist


Artworks are also available as prints.






I also have a business Discord account you can contact me on: DEADRKGK#4921
Please only use this form & my Discord for business related inquiries!