Nov. 15th - Scorpio - Freelance artist - Chronically ill & disabled
He/they, friends can call me Floyd.
Some things I like:
- My OCs
- NIKKE (Guilty my beloved)
- holoTEMPUS & VTubers in general
- iDOLM@STER (OG, Cinderella Girls, Million Live)
- Rhythm games (CHUNITHM, WACCA, Groove Coaster, BEMANI games, Taiko no Tatsujin, etc.)
- HARDCORE TANO*C, a whole lot of music in a whole lot of genres
- Writing, for my OCs as of now
& a lot more!
Former/Passive interests:
- Trigun Maximum
- Hypmic (Matenrou)
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure + my AU
- Lolita fashion/J-fashion in general
I keep profiles, bios, and all art of my OCs on my toyhou.se page! Valentine is my favorite son & is considered my "mascot" for most things.I like tabling at convention Artist Alleys! I currently go around the Bay Area, but am looking to expand to SoCal and other parts of the US eventually.


- About my username DEADRKGK— RKGK is an abbreviation for “rakugaki” (楽描き). In Japanese, it translates to doodle or sketch, with its usage usually indicating it was made for personal enjoyment. (I tend to draw only what I want to!)- I use Clip Studio Paint PRO v.1 and an Intuos Pen Small (CTL480) tablet for art.- The brushes I use the most in my art are CSP defaults, xcaligula's smudgy paint, Sharp Watercolor, soft sketch pencil, and the
Glow & Diffusion auto actions.
- Please do not repost/edit/use my art without permission or credit!- I no longer do personal commissions. Please contact me about commissions only for commercial usage! Commercial usage includes work for vtubers and other content creators who would use my work as part of promotion.- I am open to collaborative work with other artists, projects, charity/nonprofit organizations, etc. Please email me with the details!- Relating to commercial and collaborative works: since I love music immensely & it's integral to me and my life, I would be elated to be commissioned for an album cover. If you're interested, please email me! I would absolutely love to work with you.

My art is never to be sold or minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or put on "blockchain" by clients or others even with a commercial license.
My artwork is never to be sold or minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or put on "blockchain". All NFTs containing my artwork or intellectual property (IE original characters) were not made by me and are illegally minted. I do not support NFTs, cryptocurrency, or blockchain.
My art is never to be used to train, validate, or test a neural network or artificial intelligence (AI) of any kind. I do not support "AI art".


past conventionsyear/seasonlocation
FANIME NIGHT MARKET ~ The Oasis (18+)Spring 2024San Jose, CA
ANIME DESTINYFall 2023UC Berkeley, CA
FANIME Silver Island Night Market - 18+Spring 2023San Jose, CA
ANIME DESTINYFall 2019UC Berkeley, CA
ANIME : ROSEVILLE (with LemonyLulu)Summer 2019Roseville, CA
FANIME Silver Island Night Market - 18+Summer 2019San Jose, CA
Mini Art Mart (SF Cherry Blossom Festival)Spring 2019San Francisco, CA
SACANIME SUMMERSummer 2018Sacramento, CA


Current design (2023)


2024- Became an illustrator for the GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE CreatorHub Program (ShiftUp Corporation/Player Infinite/Proxima Beta Pte.)- RE:verber/ation - DEADRKGK'S FIRST SOLO EXHIBITION - June 14-16 - Harajuku (Tokyo), Japan - Page artist in the S1M* volume #1 art zine hosted by UFOSHOCK ~ art pieces "Delusions of Grandeur" and "Manic Switch"
- Lead/manager of the disability-accessible version of the Regis Altare Birthday Project 2023, and artist- Lead/manager of the disability-accessible version of the Vesper Noir Birthday Project 2023, and artist- Lead/manager of the disability-accessible version of the Banzoin Hakka Birthday Project 2023- Artist for the Starlight Memories ~ Holostars 4th Anniversary Fanzine- Host, artist, distributor, and official nonprofit partner for a Visual Snow Initiative Sticker Donation Drive- Lead/manager of the disability-accessible version of the HoloTEMPUS HQ First Anniversary 2023 Fanbook ~ Charting The Stars, and artist- Various virtual conventions

2022- Host, artist, and distributor for a Pride Print Donation Drive- Creator of the disability-accessible version of the Magni Dezmond Birthday 2022 Project, as well as website designer, artist, and writer- Creator of the disability-accessible version of the Axel Syrios Birthday 2022 Project, and website designer- Various virtual conventions
- Various virtual conventions
- Page artist in the BEMANI Fanzine- Host, artist, and distributor for a Sticker Donation Drive- Various virtual conventions
- Host, curator, designer/editor, artist, and distributor of the Love Transition Charity Zine
- Artist for the international JOJOxDERESUTE Collaboration (2018)- Page artist in the THEROS Fanzine (2017)- Moderator, curator, designer/editor, and artist for multiple fandom-based events such as DJDWeek and DJD Secret Santa (2016-2018)

Please only use this form for business related inquiries!


BIO:Hello, this is DEADRKGK! My main joy in life is to create digital art and sell it to others on physical merchandise, even if I have multiple disabilities and health conditions, such as Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS).VSS Affects my art in a few ways, but I’ve never let my generally poor vision deter me from creating. I’ve learned throughout my life that instead of fighting against my conditions, that I should work with them– treating it as if it were a self-imposed artistic challenge has helped me a lot, and it’s made me a better artist. It enforces creativity! Ten years ago I used primarily pastel colors, but VSS progression has made darker, vibrant colors more easily visible to me. My art is an extension of self; it grows and changes with me. I very much hope that increased awareness for visual snow and hearing my story encourages others to keep doing what they’re passionate about. Passion is the foundation of creativity, and creativity is the indomitable spirit of humanity. Please never stop doing what you love!I’ve had Visual Snow Syndrome since birth, not ever knowing that the way I see permanently wasn’t considered normal. I didn’t have a distinct way of describing how I see until talking to my friend, who said permanently staticky and blurred vision wasn’t something most people see. I also didn’t know that palinopsia, photopsia, or the inability to see in dimmed light weren’t considered normal. It was there I found the Visual Snow Initiative, got informed, and actually felt seen for once when my vision issues were previously blamed on being nearsighted. I’ve since been diagnosed formally and sought out to help the VSI so other people in situations like mine can be informed and reach out to others with the same condition.Besides art, one of my passions is being a disability advocate, helping those who need it wherever I can. I spend a lot of time making disability accessible versions of large-scale collaborative art projects so that others like me with visual disabilities can enjoy it just as much as those without them!I’m honored to have the Visual Snow Initiative host me! Thank you all so much for your kindness!