ANIME: ROSEVILLE (With Lemonylulu) - Roseville, CA - 2021
CARRIERCON - Alameda, CA - 2021
KIN-YOOBI CON - Union City, CA - 2021

past conventionsyear/seasonlocation
ANIME DESTINYFall 2019UC Berkeley, CA
ANIME : ROSEVILLE (with LemonyLulu)Summer 2019Roseville, CA
FANIME Silver Island Night Market - 18+Summer 2019San Jose, CA
Mini Art Mart (SF Cherry Blossom Festival)Spring 2019San Francisco, CA
SACANIMESummer 2018Sacramento, CA

-Host, curator, designer/editor, artist, and distributor of the Love Transition Charity Zine
-Moderator, curator, designer/editor, and artist for multiple fandom-based events such as DJDWeek and DJD Secret Santa
-Artist for the BEMANI Fanzine
-Artist for the THEROS Fanzine
-Artist for the international JOJOxDERESUTE Collaboration
-Host, artist, and distributor for a Vallejo Sticker Donation Drive

-2 character thigh-up (18+) - added 1/1/2021
Queue is updated per commission finished/added.

Please email me, message me on social media, or fill out the form below for inquiries!

Bust / Waist / Thigh-up - 70 USD
+ Additional characters 30 USD each
Bust / Waist / Thigh-up is all for a flat price. Feel free to ask for any of those specifically. I default to thigh-up.
SD/Chibi style - 40 USD
+ Additional characters 20 USD each
"Clings" - 30 USD
These operate on a YCH-type basis with the same pose. Let me know what you want them to hold!
Other commissions are done on a case-by-case basis. Please ask!
Want your SD commission to be on a charm or sticker? Please ask about your options!
Average charm price is about 10 USD a piece (double sided, epoxy finish).

General info:
-NSFW is welcomed, but you must be 18+ to commission me for it. NSFW means "Not Safe For Work" which includes but is not limited to graphic depictions of nudity / pornographic content.
-Digital art only.
-PayPal payment beforehand only.
-All commissions come fully colored and rendered / painted unless specified.
-All normal commissions come with a background, though complex backgrounds may cost more. SD commissions come with a transparent background and colored outline.

✓ Fanart, OC's, Self-Insert, etc.
✓ Shipping
✓ Blood / Guro (Gore) / Body-Horror
✓ Almost anything, feel free to ask!

✗ Anthro / Furries
✗ NSFW content of underaged characters, shota / lolicon
✗ I will not "age-up" underage characters for the sake of NSFW art
✗ NSFW of any real person
✗ Noncon
✗ Discriminatory art of any type

-Due to my chronic illnesses it takes me a long time to draw and/or to get out of a flare to not damage myself.
-Commissions will be finished within a month/30 days of the invoice date. If they aren't finished by then, I'll send out a refund.
-I may require an extension (due to health or a long commission queue), but will ask beforehand. The maximum I'll ask for is an extra 30 days.
-I cannot accept refund requests from the commissioner if I'm in the line-art stage!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or message me on any of my social medias!

This is only a selection of previous commissions for examples. Thank you so much to my gracious clients!

I retain all original rights to the artwork I produce in a commission. If you'd like a commercial license, please let me know and I'll let you purchase the rights from me for a flat fee, dependent on what your intended use of the image is for. I still require credit as the artist for the image's use with the purchase of a license.
If the commission is of a pre-existing character (Fanart), I have the right to sell said art on prints, charms, etc unless specifically requested otherwise. This only applies for those without a license. I always ask beforehand if it's OK to use! I will never use art of Original Characters for anything except promotion of my commissions and sharing on social media/art sites. I watermark all SD commissions upon posting online for theft prevention.